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Coate to Marlborough Railway Path


History of the Railway Path

The path runs from Coate Water Country Park to Marlborough, mostly along the line of the former Swindon, Marlborough and Andover Railway. The railway closed in 1967, and the cycle path was created in 1988, since when it has been maintained by Sustrans.

Climbing from Coate to Chiseldon on a gentle slope, the Path then runs across the Lower Chalk and through the Og valley. The countryside on either side bears the imprint of the three thousand years of history since the Bronze Age, and from the Path there are magnificent views of the downs.

The Path supports the varied ecologies of the clay vale and chalk downland through which it passes. The Path is part of the National Cycle Network and connects with routes to Cirencester, Salisbury, Avebury and Hungerford. There are local circular routes accessible from the Path, on a variety of terrains.

From Coate to the entry to Chiseldon, the Path has a sealed surface. From Chiseldon southwards, it retains its original "stone and dust" surface. Improving this (which is nearing the end of its useful life) will make the Path more attractive for a variety of users.

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