Friends of the Railway Path

Promoting and developing the

Coate to Marlborough Railway Path

We are a small charity. We want to make people aware of the Railway Path and its value to a growing range of people. We aim to promote and develope the Coate to Marlborough Railway Path


To develop and maintain the railway path to encourage a wide variety of users and make it an interesting place to visit.


  • To advertise and promote links to paths, byways, bridleways and minor roads to enable walkers, runners, cyclists & horse riders to relax, exercise and explore the local countryside.
  • To support the biodiversity of the area by maintaining and improving habitats along the path, and its surrounds.
  • To improve and develop the path thereby supporting local communities with a safe route for people to get to work, schools, shops and local businesses, connecting people with the local economy.
  • To help attract people to the area, and encourage a fuller appreciation of the its history, agriculture, ecology, culture and geology; promoting the path as a gateway to the Marlborough Downs, the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and to "Jeffries' Land".


Our leaflet describes a little more of our aspirations for the Path.

Join Us - Membership

Every new member is of direct benefit to the Friends. An increase in membership numbers demonstrates to our partners and potential funding organisations an increasing number of people who want to see the Path promoted. Why not join today and help make a difference?


Our membership application form can be downloaded here.


If you have questions, please contact us via the Contact Page



About the Friends of the Path

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